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Dreaming a New World

Welcome to my sanctuary, a quiet place to relax your mind, and connect with your spirit. Sit down in this cozy chair, breathe deep and let your tension fade away. The Universe is listening and will guide you on your journey.

Allow your mind's eye to open and see the endless possibilities before you. Enlarge your inner space to allow yourself to dream and create, and let your imagination run free. For in this tranquil sanctuary, all things are possible. Relax and release, envision the world you want to create. Embrace the power and creative freedom that abounds. Your inward expansion will allow your outer world to magically transform.

I’ve been playing with my AI Art again to create this pic. I was inspired by a new course I am taking with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. on the conscious evolution of humanity and how to co-creation of your life and our world. Another aspect of the class is the focus on how your thoughts affect your biology on a cellular level and how you can use this knowledge to improve your health and your life. There is emphasis on how we can work together to inspire and help others to become conscious creators.

From Chaos to Balance

Chaos, energy seeking balance, searching to find its center. Can you see the beauty in the energy? Often, we encounter chaos in our lives, when we need to focus on finding balance and harmony within ourselves. The quiet place amid the storm. This is the power of yin and yang, two opposing forces working in harmony to create wholeness and balance.

Connect with your heart, find your inner light. Find your innate wholeness. As we uplift our lives, we shine a light for others to follow. Your existence is significant and valued. Your role in this healing journey is essential. The Creator and the Universe are ready to support you. Be bold my friend, let your light shine.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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