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Connecting through the Web

In the early morning, when the fog floats across the land, you will find that the spiders have spun their magnificent webs across the fields. As the morning light cuts through the fog, the webs are illuminated before you. The Spider’s web, like the web of life, is almost invisible unless illuminated by light. Once illuminated, the intricacies of all their interwoven connections are revealed.

When we take time to observe and contemplate the web of interactions in our own life, we realize that every choice we make, every path we choose to walk on, is interacting with those around us. When you choose to empower yourself and follow your heart, you’re not only transforming your life, but through the shifting of consciousness along the web of life, you empower others to transform as well.

Symbolically, it is as if the spiders are leaving maps to guide you through the fog. I came across a single strand of a spider’s web, had not the sun illuminated it I would not have seen it. It stretched 12 feet from plant to plant, perfectly horizontal from the ground. There was no other web in sight, “It’s like a guide wire” I thought, to help the spider travel from place to place. The spiders let you know that no matter how dark your world becomes, the guidance to return to the light is always there. Intuition acts as our “guidewire” to connect us to our Creator and to our higher self. To guide us safely down life’s path.

A single strand of a spider’s web or is it much more? Can you see the magic that it holds? Can you see the mysteries it reveals?

“Through the window of our mind, we take in the endless patterns that help us understand the web of life. And through the window of our heart, we feel the thousand ways we are affected by other life, the thousand ways we are each other.”

- Mark Nepo, Drinking from the River of Light

Copyright Restoring Light 2021, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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