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Building Health part 1 - choosing healthy foods

Springtime is a wonderful time of year to focus on restoring your health and vitality, and to focus on balancing your body, mind, and spirit. We all know that the body is self-healing and self-regulating. Every day your body is creating about 300 billion new cells. The building blocks for these cells come from the food you eat. The quality of the building blocks equals the quality of the cell itself.

Your body is always trying to restore balance and communication in its cells. When the body moves out of balance it will develop a dysfunction in the cells, organs, or tissues of the body. Symptoms will develop, such as pain, inflammation, or fatigue, to alert you of this imbalance. If you ignore or suppress the symptoms for a period of time, your body may not be able to return to balance and an illness or disease may manifest.

No matter what disease name your doctor pens on your symptoms, or illness, the problem began due to cellular malfunction. There was an inability of the cells to repair themselves or maintain balance. To restore a weak area the body or reverse and illness you must move your focus off the symptoms and focus on building and restoring health.

There are many reasons for this to occur. I want to focus on one of them in this video.

Here are some key reasons your cells become dysfunctional:

1. Deficiency – Your body is lacking key nutrients to build and repair the cells.

2. Hydration – Your body does not get enough clean water to keep the cell environment clean and healthy and to be able to properly eliminate waste products.

3. Toxicity – toxins have built up in the cell and are polluting the cell environment.

4. Lack of movement – Your lymphatic system which plays a major role in keeping the cell environment clean needs physical exercise to keep it moving. Lack of exercise, stretching and movement causes toxins to accumulate in the cells and tissues of the body.

5. Negative thought patterns – your cells respond to your instructions and emotions. Excessive dwelling on illness or negative thoughts causes the activation of genes which trigger disease. While positive thoughts and emotions activates health enhancing genes. 6. Lack of Rest – The body flows in cycles of rest, renewal, and repair. A lack of adequate rest causes the cell function to decline.

7. Poor digestion – Our cells obtain the nutrients they need from the food we consume. If you do not break down your food properly, or your digestive tract does not absorb the nutrients properly, your cell health will suffer.

8. Breathing – We tend to take breathing for granted. Each day we take around 27,000 breaths. Breathing brings fresh oxygen into the blood to be delivered to the cells and your exhale is used to expel waste products from the body. It is so important to take the time to learn to breathe properly. Improper breathing techniques can trigger the fight or flight response in the body, alerting the cells to a danger which is not there. This can cause the cells to go in survival mode instead of build and repair mode. Breathing also helps to move the life force energy through the body.

9. Too much stress and not enough fun and joy, inhibits the healthy function of your cells.

You are Pure Potential

Our Body has an amazing ability to heal itself, but we as humans have forgotten how to utilize our innate healing abilities. We also hold within us the ability to change our lives, create and manifest our dreams and create the best version of ourselves. Many of you have forgotten this truth and have become disconnected from your heart’s guidance. Because of this, many of you feel powerless to change your life or your health. I wanted to share with you some aspects of how wonderful and marvelously made we are. I pray this encourages you to push past your limited beliefs on what is possible for your own healing, and for living an abundant life.

Cell Memory - Our cellular memory knows the pattern for illness, as well as the pattern for wellness. The cells can be informed to change and restructure their cellular memory. Creating a new blueprint for your body.

The Brain is not fixed, it can change according to experiences. Creating new sensory pathways can bring about these changes. We create these new pathways when we consciously focus on the behavior we want to create, instead of focusing on what we do not want in our lives or behavior. Visualize the new you - that you want to create. As you create these thoughts you give instructions to your body and create new neural pathways to build a healthy new you.

Neural pathways – invisible energy pathways in the brain formed every time we learn something and apply it. Repeating something ingrains the new pathway into your subconscious. Like repeating the action of learning to tie your shoes until it becomes natural, and you can do it without thinking about it. So, to learn new healthy behavior patterns we must consciously repeat them daily, and soon they will become the norm in your daily routine.

Nerves can remember their job and bring back the function of that part of the body. Lovingly stroking an injured leg along the nerve pathways can cause it to remember and bring back function again.

Our emotional energy affects our physical anatomy. Fear and worry contract the cells and turns off health building DNA. Chronic stress causes cortisol to be released which can bind to receptors in your brain in the region of the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning). In the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, June 2013, they reported that studies showed that reducing cortisol by lowering stress, increased memory recall and retrieval.

Dopamine, the brains pleasure neurotransmitter is increased when we choose positive thoughts and emotions. Dopamine increases memory and concentration and increases acetylcholine production in the brain, which increases the ability of the mind to expand and learn. An increase in acetylcholine also turns on gens which trigger health and healing. So, your health building potential increases when you embrace positive thoughts and emotions.

Prayer and meditation lower the stress response and has been shown to affect genes which reduce inflammation in the body and increases how they deal with free radicals.

Muscle memory – Just like we remember to ride a bike or play an instrument from muscle memory, our muscles also remember trauma which can then evoke fear or “lameness” along with pain. Finding and releasing old, buried traumas helps to release cell memory from the muscles to allow for healing.

Energy healing works by making subtle changes to the above energy pathways. Energy is always present. It does not begin or end. You can learn to transform it, move it, and become conscious of its flow through your body and through all of creation.

Cultivate mindful attention by paying attention to your thoughts. Notice what is going on internally as well as externally. When a person approaches you to talk, do you feel a tightness in your gut, or a warmth in your heart? Does a situation at work cause you to tense your shoulders, or stand up tall? Do you immediately cross your arms when you feel intimidated in a conversation? What do you physically do when you get angry? When you lay in bed to go asleep do you consciously relax your body? We all have developed unconscious responses to events and people in our environment, which can affect the health of the body. Most of them you are probably not aware of until you look for them or someone points them out. You can expand your ability to observe and expand your inner awareness by regularly taking time to pray, meditate, journal, or sit quietly in nature: to consciously shift your awareness inward and quiet your busy mind.


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