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Building a Targeted Nutritional Support program

When exploring a nutritional support plan for your body, it's important to begin by assessing your diet and identifying areas where you can make improvements. Rather than immediately turning to targeted supplements, consider first cleaning up your diet by opting for fresh, natural foods that will provide the nourishment your body needs. Whenever possible, opt for organic and non-GMO foods, which can be especially beneficial for promoting optimal health.

It's especially important to opt for non-GMO grains, breads, and pasta as a way to avoid exposure to pesticides like Round-Up. This pesticide is a known irritant to the gut, and genetically modified grains are engineered to be resistant to it, allowing for greater use of the chemical in farming. However, this also means that the pesticide residue can end up in the food and ultimately in your body. So by choosing non-GMO options, you're taking a step to protect your health and well-being.

Simple and fresh meals provides a good format for building a healthy diet. the photo above is of a salad called a Buddha Bowl. There are so many ways to make these delicious meals, you can really have fun experimenting with creating them.

Make a practice of drinking plenty of clean filtered water. Try some herbal teas when you want more flavor and keep your coffee intake moderate.

Exercise or move your body daily. Stretch to relieve tension. Practice breathing and relaxation exercises to moderate your stress levels. Get a good night's sleep so your body has time to repair itself.

Add fermented foods and probiotics to your diet to help build a healthy gut flora. Fermented foods support your gut health and digestion. Kevita makes delicious and refreshing probiotic and Kombucha drinks. When I want a treat, I drink a glass instead of an artificial and over sweetened soft drink. In the evening, I often have a glass of Kefir a naturally fermented probiotic drink that builds a healthy gut and improves sleep quality. My son eats a half cup of Kimchi, traditional Korean fermented vegetables, every day with his lunch. I like to add a spoonful of Sauerkraut as a side to my meals.

To build a targeted nutritional program choose herbal formulas to target the weakened areas of your body which need support. For instance, if you have a history of heart disease in your family you may want to include the herb Hawthorn in your daily supplement program. Hawthorn is a wonderful tonic to support the cardiovascular system and health. Emotionally, hawthorn helps us develop courage to overcome difficult or daunting tasks. Hawthorn helps to open the heart to giving and receiving love and can help in healing heartache. Hawthorn encourages self-love and self-acceptance. Hawthorn can also be taken at bedtime to quiet the heart to promote restful sleep.

Add dense Green Superfoods like alfalfa, kelp, chlorella, spirulina, and barley grass, to help renew your body's energy reserves and provide a wide spectrum of trace minerals which you won't find in your daily multiple vitamin and mineral formula. The formula Super Algae from Nature's Sunshine combines spirulina, chlorella, and Klamath blue-green algae. This is a good formula to support recovering your vitality when the body has become run down. At the same time, it helps detoxify the body of harmful chemicals and toxins and nourishes liver function. This blend of sea vegetables is rich in trace minerals. Minerals are the catalysts that make enzyme functions possible. They are involved in turning on hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body, making this a good choice to activate healing in the body.

When you are feeling run down, choose a formula to target repair - After a week of lung congestion caused by a virus, I chose to add in the supplement COQ10. This nutrient acts as a powerful antioxidant and is essential for energy production in the body. It is essential for the health of all human tissues and organs. CoQ10 particularly affects the cells that are the most metabolically active: the heart, immune system, and mucus membranes lining the digestive organs, bladder, lungs, and sinus. Coq10 enhances the body’s ability to disable invading pathogens and is thought to modulate allergic reactions.

I hope these guidelines help you to get some ideas as to how you can better support your health goals,


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