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Balancing Digestive Energy

The energy of the changing seasons affects our bodies and moods. The end of summer moving into early Fall, is the season of harvest, a time for gardens and orchards to bring forth their fruits. This unique time of year blends the expansive fire energy of the summer with the descending Earth energy of Fall to create an energy which calls us to complete projects, and bring the ideas and goals that we have carried with us all summer into fulfillment. The early fall season brings in the energy of the Earth Element, it is a nurturing, creative energy. This is one reason why we love to take classes in the fall, to learn new things or seek out our inner artist to create new things.

If your energy feels out of balance during this shift in seasons you may be spending too much time thinking and over analyzing your thoughts, instead of moving into the natural creative energy around you. You may find yourself unable to bring things into completion. This excessive thinking and dwelling can turn into anxiety and worries, causing you to feel stuck, and feel like you have a heaviness hanging over you. Physically your digestion and metabolism slow down, and you may start to gain weight or develop digestive problems.

It is important to remember that the late summer to early fall energy calls us to return to our central core, to nourish our bodies and mind and to bring forth our life force energy from within us. This is a time to take care of you, to nurture yourself, and to stay balanced and focused. Because of the situation in our country and World right now, people have not been doing this. They have been focusing on worry and dwelling on the problems they see before them. By becoming conscious of this, you can begin to take steps to re-balance yourself and find your inner strength. The energy which is moving in right now is powerful, I encourage you to reach for this creative energy envision ways to turn your obstacles into opportunities. Allow for transformation and growth in your life.

Nourish your digestion: Your digestive tract can become off balance due to excessive worry and dwelling. The formula Chinese Spleen Activator is designed to help you with re-balancing your digestion when caused by excessive worry or thoughts. In Chinese medicine the term Spleen refers to the organs of digestion including the stomach, pancreas, and the actual spleen. The action of the Spleen in Chinese medicine is to convert our food we eat into energy to fuel the body. This gives us the energy to sustain our daily activities and activates our metabolism. Chinese Spleen Activator formula contains Chinese herbs which nourish the digestive process as well as herbs to support stress and build energy. Chinese Spleen Activator can be helpful in overcoming seasonal allergies. As the formula improves your digestion, you develop less mucus and phlegm in the body, this results in a cleaner lymphatic system which is better equipped to handle allergens.

Nourish yourself: If you have not been taking care of yourself then consider supplementing with the herb Noni at this time of year. Noni supports the emotional aspects that many people have of constantly caring for others but neglecting caring for themselves. The energy of this plant helps you to connect with the natural cycles of the Earth; it is a great herb to help you connect with the outdoors during gardening, hiking or bird watching. Noni reminds you to connect with the rhythms of the earth and helps you to open and develop your intuition. Immune Support – An added benefit of taking the herb Noni is that Noni offers excellent support to the immune system and has strong antioxidant properties. Noni is a gentle tonic herb and can be taken in the evening when relaxing, it is fine on an empty stomach. Tonic herbs nourish and support the body to re-balance itself and enhance energy. Because it is a gentle herb, it can be taken in much higher quantities if you are feeling run down and want to build your reserves back up. Noni helps to improve digestion which is another reason it is a good choice for this time of year. It has strong anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties and supports the structural system – so again this is a good herb to help you become more physically active while spending more time outdoors during the cool weather.

I Hope this information helps you and your families have a healthier happier fall season.

Blessings, Valerie Greguire, Natural Health Consultant, Certified Herbalist

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