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Awaken your inner Guidance

Sometimes I sit and ponder, and I think about the

things which churn within my heart.

I search for the answers, for that which I have forgotten,

for that which I already know.

It is through moving into our heart,

and reaching upward to connect with our intuition, our inner sight,

that we can see the beauty and magic which is all around us.

It is here in this sacred space that everything which is hidden is revealed.

It is here that we are given insight, understanding, and guidance

to move forward to live a soul guided life.

It is here, in the heart center, that the fear and illusions of the ego dissolve.

For your intuition allows you to heal the separation you feel between yourself,

your soul, and your Creator.

Your intuition once fully opened,

becomes like a lighthouse beam which gently guides you across the waters of your life;

freeing you to move forward with confidence, hope, and a wonderful sense of adventure.

Awaking your intuition is like going on a walk and discovering the most beautiful flower, you stop all you are doing and marvel at its beauty; it’s perfect petals and beautiful scent. And then the days that follow you start to see these flowers everywhere.

May you take time to notice the sparks of intuition which light up your day.

Your intuition is yearning to be noticed, expanded and developed so that you might live a Spirit guided life connected to your higher self and your Creator.

The beautiful leaf in the photo at the top of the blog was hidden in these vibrant pink bushes, set against a backdrop of a majestic scenery. It would have been so easy to just pass it by unnoticed. My intuition drew my attention to notice it, and the photo which was revealed was magical. The greatest gems in life are hidden, just below the surface, just waiting for us to discover them.

May you seek to awaken your intuition to live the soul guided life. May you be abundantly blessed as you embark on this beautiful journey.

Copyright Restoring Light 2021, all rights reserved


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