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A Stone's Vision

Deep within every individual lies an artist, channeling their unique essence through their creations

and sharing a message that resonates with their being.

Several years ago, I captured this photograph, which I titled “The Stones Vision. Following a rather uneventful walk I returned home with a tinge of disappointment, having not encountered anything particularly noteworthy to capture through my lens. As I made my way back towards my house a glimmer caught my eye – a radiance emanating from a small glass orb on some stones in my garden. The image formed within the orb seemed so magical. With gratitude, I eagerly captured the moment through my lens. The resulting image of the iridescent glass orb, combined with its intricate moss and stone details, as well as the captivating reflection of the trees and sky, powerfully expressed the profound interconnectedness of the of all creation.

Frequently, I find myself revisiting my art, seeking to look at it from a new perspective, to see if it holds a new message or wants to evolve. For everything we create, once completed, produces seeds. These seeds hold the potential to evolve and grow. Sometimes the artist themselves sows the seeds, while other times, they are discovered and embraced by those inspired by their art. The creative energy in life is always moving and transforming.

Recently this photo drew my attention again. I could feel that it wanted to evolve, to tell me more. Intrigued, I embarked on a digital interpretation, immersing myself in the perspective of an observer viewing the stone firsthand. Through this transformative process, one’s consciousness expands to see the infinite possibilities the surrounds them. Peacock feathers surround the eye, symbolic of the ethereal beauty revealed in moments of heightened awareness. The “eye” of each feather often thought to represent our own intuitive vision. Intuition transcends the limitations of the physical realm and dissolves the veils of illusions, fostering a profound connection to our spirit, soul, and the divine Creator.

Which of these pieces speak to you? Or perhaps they escape your attention altogether? The art of expression is all around you speaking and guiding you. Drawing each of us to the art that resonates with the frequency we are holding.

Foundationally, art is formed by intention. Intention acts as the thread that weaves the flow of energy from our thoughts, emotions and even our subconscious beliefs. It guides and shapes the vibrations that radiate from within us. As conscious creators we hold a profound awareness of the intentions we hold in our heart, whether they arise from our conscious or unconscious realms. With gentle guidance we navigate these intentions through the ever-changing currents of our lives, staying attuned to their presence and influence on that which we create.

Everything that we create in our lives begins with a dream or a vision. It manifests in our minds-eye, gradually taking shape with crystalline clarity. If we find ourselves continuously drawn to the vision, we tenderly place it within the depths of our heart, allowing it to be nurtured, cherished, and grown. It is in this sacred space that our vision flourishes, gaining strength and vitality. This infusion of our dreams ignites an unwavering passion within our hearts, which becomes the driving force that propels us forward to bring our vision in a tangible realm. Here, it is shared with others, and creates seeds, to begin the unending cycle of creativity once again.

“The templates of the past, inspire the new, think beyond that which has been done before. The world is not waiting for more of the same.”

-Rick Rubin, paraphrased from The Creative Act, a Way of Being

copyright 2023 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photo and digital art by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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