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A Shaman's Message

Sometimes we come across obstacles in our path which seem immovable. Our tendency is to become discouraged and give up on our quest. This past weekend I met a Shaman woman, her beautiful spirit and ageless wisdom immediately relaxed me. She gave me some wisdom on approaching such obstacles, which I felt led to share with you.

“The obstacle before you is unmoving, do not try to move it.

Think of it like a boulder, you don’t try to move a boulder.

Instead, be like the water, find your path around the boulder.

The path is there, meditate, connect with your inner self, then you will see the path.

The passageway around the boulder is narrow, it may be difficult.

Do not try and think your way through it,

Feel your way through it.

You do this by connecting to the light at the other end of the passage,

The light will guide you,

Your emotions, when connected with the light, will guide you along the path. “

Sitting at the river’s edge, I meditated on her words as I followed the swirling water around the boulders. The water moved effortlessly and with purpose. The boulders did not seem to stop the water, but rather propelled it. Perhaps, this is what our struggles and challenges do for us. Helping us to find our inner strength and wisdom to move forward and follow the flow of our heart.

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