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Revealing the Flame of Truth

As the early morning light swept the globe, the masks of separation began to burn

The mask, a symbol of feeling alone and helpless

a symbol of being trapped in illusions

was no longer needed, for the people had awoken to the truth.

They opened their eyes and saw the illusions that were woven throughout their society

Illusions that had created separation and fear, causing them to give away their power.

In the early morning light, the flame of truth began to burn,

the mask of separation began to dissolve

The people remembered their Divine connection

They remembered why they came to this beautiful planet

The people remembered that they were never alone,

and that they were always loved and being guided.

In the early morning light, while the fog still covered the earth,

the light from the fire of hope revealed two roads

One road leading to the destruction of humanity,

and one leading to the evolution of mankind.

And the people chose the road to life.

In the early morning light, the transformation began,

and the people chose to create a new world

They chose to take back their power

They chose to stand together in oneness with their Creator

They chose to create a new destiny for themselves and their fellow man.

In the early morning light, the masks of separation began to burn,

as the flame of hope and truth grew brighter

I fell to my knees, and tears streamed from my eyes,

for I knew that the people would be healed

I knew that the earth would be healed

and I knew, we were not alone.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2020, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

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