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The Still Quiet Moment

I took a walk last weekend in a wooded park. I had hoped to get some pictures of colorful fall leaves, but the long-wet summer was holding back the trees from their gradual changes. Instead they were just drying up and turning brown. It was on this walk that I came upon these flowers silently blooming in the midst of such a cold damp day. They seemed so mysterious to me and out of place, for even their leaves had shriveled and turned brown and yet they bloomed. They seemed to defy the elements around them. I took their picture hoping to capture the magic and mystery they held. And then I prayed for their message to speak to me. As I waited I moved into the still quiet moment that they revealed to me.

And Spirit spoke “Our life is a mirror, always reflecting back to us our inner world. It is not that which is around you that determines whether or not you blossom and bloom. It is connection to your heart and to Spirit which illuminates your life. “

I thought about these words and I realized that I had been going through some struggles lately. That it seemed that so many things that once brought me joy had shriveled up and seemed to die - just like the leaves on the trees. And I wondered how I would get my enthusiasm back. I had been focusing on the things in my life which were out of balance and trying to fix them. But that had caused my energy to feel drained. Instead, I chose to move back into my heart center and re-connect with my spirit and my Creator. It was then that my burdens lifted, and I could once again see the clear path before me. My heart began to blossom and my joy returned.

How amazing is our Creator’s love for us. His guidance and direction are ever present. A simple message from one of his flowers, an encounter created simply because we ask questions. You are never alone, you are never without guidance. Just shift your focus and you will find the answers.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright 2018 Restoring Light, photos and text, all rights reserved

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