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Feeling Stressed?

After a stressful week full of challenges, you can find yourself feeling tired and achy all over. On top of that you start craving sweets and carbs. It’s time like this that I grab my AdaptaMax and Fibralgia.

AdaptaMax is a favorite herbal blend of mine. It contains adaptogen herbs which help reduce the negative effects of stress on the body. Adaptogen herbs also increase stamina and endurance and support a healthy immune system – this is so important during times of stress. To help abolish that nasty sweet tooth, the formula also contains the mineral chromium which improves blood sugar balance. In addition, Adaptamax contains kelp and alfalfa which provide trace minerals to nourish the thyroid (it is common for the thyroid to become sluggish when under stress). Rosemary and Gingko are also included in the formula to help keep your brain alert during stressful times.

Fibralgia is a key combination to help release tension in the muscles and restore energy production in the cells. The formula combines malic acid and magnesium. Fibralgia is amazing for releasing the tight muscle spasms one often develops during times of stress. This formula contains malic acid an organic compound found naturally in fruits such as apples. It is often taken to help combat chronic fatigue and reduce the pain from fibromyalgia.

A special thanks to my cat Jim for sticking himself in the picture at just the right time.

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