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Message from Spirit

As I stepped outside this morning, I noticed a single beautiful flower blossom in front of the dove in my garden. As I gazed at the flower the words “live a Spirit lead life” spoke to my heart. I so loved this symbolism that I had to take a picture to remember it by. As I held the camera to my eye a sun ray shot down through the flower, it was so magnificent and beautiful. I hoped I had captured it in the photo, for I knew it was a gift.

I pondered the meaning of this symbolism. I felt that the dove represented our lives when we are led by our Spirit. The flower representing the fullness of our essence, being expressed through our heart, out to the world. The sun, the magnificent light of our Creator descending on our lives. The sun ray passing through the flower down into the earth, reminds me that we need to remember to stay grounded in our daily lives. So many of us live our lives driven and controlled by circumstances in our physical lives and closed to inner guidance, feeling disconnected to Source. If we will allow the wisdom, guidance and direction from the higher realms into our physical lives, it is then that we feel complete. Our Soul can freely express itself and blossom; fully embracing our purpose here on earth.

May this speak to your heart and bless your day, Valerie

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