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Walking with Intuition

My intuition is always speaking to me in metaphors and dreams. This morning as I took my morning walk down the road, I passed a field of fresh cut hay, rolled into tight round bales. Such a pretty tranquil setting. I have always been drawn to hay bales, they are like little mysteries rolled up and dotting the landscape, always appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. As I walked along and pondered my attraction to them, my intuition spoke to me about how our life is full of possibilities, for new discoveries, new adventures and new insights. And like the hay bales sitting on the horizon, we are drawn to notice these possibilities, but often just glance their way and pass them by.

Is the flickering light of your intuition speaking to you? ​ What are you being drawn to notice in your life? What seems to be calling you? The doors to new possibilities for your life are everywhere. You just need to pause and notice them, and then be bold enough to reach out and invite their blessings to unfold. May you have a week full of mystery, adventure and new beginnings.

“Trust endings and beginnings, it’s your Soul changing direction”

– Penney Peirce, The Intuitive Way

copyright 2017, all rights reserved Restoring Light

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