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Lavender Moments

The morning sunshine greeted me this morning as it danced upon the lavender blooms which had opened to celebrate springtime. Their gentle violet blooms caressed my heart and soothed my soul. As I gently ran my fingers across their petals, they released the healing scent of lavender into the air. What a beautiful plant our Creator has given us.

Herbs are gifts to our body, mind and spirit. They contain nutrients which nourish us and help repair our bodies. They contain essential oils which activate our healing potential and touch our emotions. Herbs contain a vibrational signature which helps to bring our energetic bodies into balance. They are truly an amazing gift and no man-made supplement can get close to their healing potential.

There is a special herbal blend which Nature’s Sunshine has put together called Stress-J, this is combination of herbs was formulated by Herbalist Jeanne Burgess. Stress-J contains the following herbs: Passion Flower, Fennel Seed, Feverfew, Hops, Chamomile and Marshmallow.

Stress-J (#1084-1)– On a physical level this formula is excellent to calm nervous tension and anxiety. It is very helpful for those who send their tension into their gut as it contains herbs which break up gas and relax spasms in the intestinal system. Stress-J formula helps to quiet the racing mind as it is thought to increase levels of the amino acid compound GABA which helps lower excessive brain activity and improving sleep quality. I often take this formula in the evening for this reason. When I feel stressed, I take 3 with dinner (remember it helps digestion) and 3 more a little closer to bedtime. Stress-J is a good formula to take in conjunction with a liver cleanse because it helps to calm an agitated liver (Wood energy). The key herb in this formula is Passion flower which seems to help balance many female menopausal concerns like hot flashes and anxiety. Making it an excellent sleep choice for many women.

On an emotional level, Stress-J helps you to clarify your thoughts and calm your heart. On an energetic level these herbs help you to release your fears and reach upward through whatever you are going through.

Lavender Organic Essential oil (#3882) blends beautifully with the Stress-J formula. You can diffuse it in the air at bedtime, or rub it on tight muscles. A couple drops at the base of your skull can help stop the rising liver energy which can trigger migraines. When my children’s bellies were upset, I’d rub Lavender oil on to release the tension and help break up the gas or spasms. It also would help them fall gently back to sleep. As an adult, I use this for my own digestive complaints. You can place fresh lavender sprigs in a vase by your desk as you work to remind you to stay centered and relaxed. Or try them on your nightstand as a soothing presence for sleep.

Refuge Calming Blend roll-on (#21579) is a brand-new product by Nature’s Sunshine which I love. This blend contains the pure essential oils of Lavender, Orange, Atlas Cedar, Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy and Vanilla. These oils are blended in a 1:1 ratio with a carrier oil. The small size make it easy for me to carry in my purse to keep it with me when I’m on the go. Refuge blend smells heavenly to me. The calming soothing scents of lavender, blue tansy and vanilla combine wonderfully with the uplifting scent of orange citrus and the grounding, strengthening scent of cedar. I like to apply the oils with the roll-on along my neck and on my wrists. It’s a very sensual blend as several of the plants have aphrodisiac properties. A great blend for igniting passion within you.

Refuge Calming Blend is also available as a pure essential oil (#3876) if you prefer this form so you can make your own recipes or diffuse it in the air. I like customizing my own blends to fit my moods or to enhance an action of a blend.

Calming, soothing herbs like lavender and chamomile help us to create open space to connect with our hearts so we can hear the whispers our Soul. Your Soul’s song is always calling you, urging you to recognize and follow your heart's passion and to connect with your Creator. Your Soul is calling to awaken the light within you, that you might shine your light like a beacon to bring joy, inspiration and peace to others.

May you celebrate your light within you,

Blessings, Valerie

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