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Morning Wake Up for your Mind

My new favorite morning wake up drink – This wonderful Green Tea smoothie looks so pretty and tastes great, and with the addition of Nature’s Sunshine’s Focus Attention powder it keeps my brain alert and focused all day.

Why Focus Attention Powder? • Contains DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) a nutrient which the brain uses to function properly. DMAE is found primarily in sardines and anchovies, and some other fish. • DMAE turns on mental alertness, it has a mild stimulating effect so I found I needed much less caffeine in the day. • Improves moods • Lessens daytime fatigue and improves sleep quality • Improves memory and problem solving ability • Acts as an antioxidant to protect the brain cells. • The effects are cumulative, so over a few weeks I reduced my dose to just 1 scoop daily and get the same benefits.

Focus Attention Powder also contains Bacopa herb: • Bacopa is a powerful adaptogen herb which helps you adapt to stressful situations • Improves memory • Reduces anxiety and depression • Sharpens cognitive function • Protects the brain against long term memory loss

Focus Attention powder aso contains Lemon balm herb, which calms the mind and nervous system, boosts mental alertness and helps with restful sleep. Grapeseed extract, a powerful antioxidant which protects the brain. Ginkgo herb, well known for memory boosting and increasing circulation to the brain and Flax seed powder to provide fatty acids for brain health.

  • 2-3 scoops Focus Attention Powder (it tastes fine in just water, but the smoothie is more fun)

  • 8 ounces Fresh brewed Tazo iced Green Tea,

  • a squeeze of lime,

  • 2 chunks of fresh pineapple,

  • a handful of frozen raspberries - blended in my Nutri-Bullet.

  • Separately, I blended 3 Tbs. of coconut yogurt and then poured it slowly into the berry drink.

Simply Delicious! Valerie

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