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The Beauty of Transformation

All that we release is allowed to become something more powerful, beautiful and complete.

Transforming, ever evolving, we grasp the vision of growth and renewal.

As the dandelion releases her seedlings to the wind,

We release our ideas, our fears, our thoughts,

Challenging the wind to carry them and place them, where they can grow and create new life.

The process of transformation is not one of holding on

But of releasing, in allowing and embracing change.

Creating a new you may seem unnatural, confusing or uncertain, but trust the process, allow the changes to unfold. Watch and observe in quiet anticipation as you would observe a flower bud opening for the first time. Something special, something wonderful is about to happen in your life. You can choose to embrace or change any beliefs you hold in your life. If your thought patterns and beliefs do not uplift you and raise your vibration, let go of them, release your need to be attached to them. Choose beliefs which lift and empower you. The old beliefs of not being good enough, talented enough, etc. will melt away as you replace them with new ideas and beliefs which you choose to embrace. Choose to embrace ideas and beliefs which come from your heart, from your spirit. From the very essence of your true authentic self.

Go ahead, look out at this beautiful amazing world our Creator has given us. Go ahead reach out and pick the flower, the dream, the vision which inspires your heart.

Blessings, Valerie

“Through sincere and determined efforts, you can tend to your garden, fertilize the soil, pull the weeds, stake the seedlings and provide the conditions for the natural never ending process of transformation to take place. You can heal old wounds, repair, restore. And as Aldous Huxley put it so perfectly, “cleanse the doors of perception” – Living Deeply the book

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