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Rembering Who We Are

This is a great and powerful time on this earth, people everywhere are waking up to a memory of something greater, something more that they are called to. The earth, our country, and the world are changing. As the energy shifts on this planet, and in our personal lives it can create turmoil, as we do not understand the changes taking place. Nothing seems to work as it did before, and time seems to be speeding by. For some these changes create confusion and fear, as they wonder what is happening on this planet. But for others, there is a quiet anticipation, an excitement growing in their hearts because they are beginning to remember who we are. Being raised in a Christian family, I have always embraced the idea of one day God would create a new heaven and a new earth and all the bad things on earth would be gone forever. No one ever suggested to me, that we as humans, might be the ones to create this new earth.

We are children of the greatest Creator in the Universe, and as children made of the same Spirit, we are given the gifts and abilities to create the world we chose to live in. It’s time for us to remember who we are.

Mental and Emotional turmoil is not your birthright. Remember who you are, a child of the loving Creator, you are a strong spiritual person made in His image. Do not lessen yourself, for that is a lie. Become your true self, allow your potential to grow and blossom.

The idea of separation and being alone is an illusion, on the contrary, you are always connected to your Creator and to every other person on this planet. And you are always, always connected to your true authentic self. Your thought, your presence, your entire being, extend and touches all of those around you. Each meeting has a purpose, there are no chance encounters. You can change the lives of those around you. Just a simple smile, a caring touch or by sending out compassion you can touch others and change their day. You can bring them hope and connection to others. We are here on earth to help each other to remember who we are, to remember our true authentic selves.

As we choose to remember, we begin to see the world and all its “problems” with new eyes. We begin to see that there are solutions beyond our wildest imagination, because we know, we remember, we hold truth in our hearts and no one can take that from us. Embrace this and you will begin to see your life unfold in new and amazing ways. Blessings, Valerie

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