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Whole Body Wellness

Nature reflects the balance that we all seek in our body, mind, and spirit.

The flow of the seasons, the cycles of growth and renewal, and the interconnections with all of Creation. Likewise, The body, mind, and spirit must work in unity for health and wellness to flourish.

Often, we seek to blame external circumstances for our health, forgetting that we are the caretakers of our bodies. When we allow others to decide how best to care for our bodies, we give away our power. This causes us to become more disconnected from our wholeness. Now, more than ever before, it is important to take responsibility for the body that you have been given. Honor your body with healthy food, exercise, adequate rest, and love.

It is time to open the communication with your body. Become mindful of the food you are eating, are your food choices nourishing to your cells? If there is an area of your body that is hurting, ask your body what you can do to help it to heal. Symptoms are the voice of your body; they draw your attention to an area which is out of balance. Your cells are always communicating with you, learn to listen and respond to them. At first you may not understand the messages you are receiving but keep asking. Sometimes the answer comes in just one word whispered in your ear. The key is to open the lines of communication, to listen, and develop a relationship with your body. This is the path to restoring harmony and health to the cells of your body.

Nature reflects the harmony and balance we can achieve when we restore the communication with our body, mind, and spirit.

Seek wholeness. Your destiny is achieved by each step that you take. Decide to take charge of your health.

Blessings, Valerie

The Journey Through our Life

In our personal journey through our life, we travel many roads, often changing directions along the way. At the same time, we travel with others in a collective journey. There are people in our lives which journey with us for years or a lifetime, and others who enter our lives for fleeting moments. They may offer us a smile, or a complement when we are feeling down, or give us directions when we are lost. We share insights, knowledge, and wisdom with others. We ask questions and seek answers. We discuss and share beliefs, and at times these discussions rise to a conflict when our viewpoints do not agree. These connections with the people we journey with, and the situations we encounter, are the strings in the web of our lives.

When I took these photographs, it caused me to reflect on the journey I have traveled, and the people I have met. The old log schoolhouse symbolized to me the passage of time, and our connection to others who have traveled before us. The beautiful wild Azalea in the foreground with its vibrant orange and yellow glow, spoke to me about creative energy, which is the driving force that moves us forward in our journey through life.

If you are drawn to this photo your spirit may be calling you to reflect on your personal journey and consider any changes you may want to make. Life is a treasure, there are many gifts to be revealed for those who move through it consciously.

Copyright Restoring light 2021, all rights reserved

Photo by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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