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The Song of Life

I stood in the morning sun my gaze fixed upon a single wildflower dancing in the wind. For a moment all the world became silent, and then I heard a beautiful song come forth… Can you hear the song of creation singing out? From the highest mountain to the quiet stream flowing deep within the forest, Creation sings. She moves in the gentle breeze stroking the top of wildflowers, who turn to the morning sun opening their petals to express their own joyful song.

All of creation flows in a symphony of movement and song, rising and cascading down again. Creation and destruction, two forces of the ever-flowing cycle of life. The beauty and majesty of this mystery can only be seen and felt through the doorway of the heart. As humans awaken to the song of creation their energy and consciousness expands, bringing forth an awareness of our interconnection with all of life. It is here that the awakened human will gain the wisdom and understanding to heal the land and heal themselves; restoring harmony and balance back to this beautiful planet we live on.

The door between two worlds stands before you, inviting you to pass through it. Will you take the step and open yourself to a new reality?

Copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Photos by valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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