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The Leaf in the Wind

I was visiting the charming town of Hendersonville, North Carolina, the leaves had just started to drop from the trees hinting that the fall season had begun. As I paused for a moment to decide which storefront to explore the wind picked up and a single leaf which caught my eye as it was lifted off the sidewalk. It was one of those surreal moments when everything around you is silenced and you are alone with only your thoughts and the awareness of Spirit. I watched as the wind gently tossed the leaf through the air, moving from one side of the road to the other, looking for a destination to gently release it. As this unfolded, I began to think of all the shops that lined this street and all the people in them. I contemplated how a decision to stop in one shop over another could be the factor in a chance encounter with a person and conversation which could literally change your life. I thought about how our intentions and actions shaped our reality as we moved through life. And I thought about the endless possibilities for conversations and meeting people in just this strip of shops alone. Yet for any of them to unfold, I needed to make the choice as to where to turn.

Your reality and your next moments are never fixed, they are not absolute. Your reality is alive and being created moment by moment by each thought, feeling or action you make. You choose what to observe and where to place your focus. You choose how you will interact with the people, places, and situations you encounter. And then by the intention you carry, you create your reality. Your intention be it conscious or unconscious, creates waves of energy which allows for infinite possibilities to unfold.

As the wind died down the leaf fell silently to the ground, finding its resting place, the sounds of cars and music on the street gently nudged me back to awareness again. Looking around me, the people in the street seemed unaware of the magic which had just occurred. Taking a few steps forward Spirit whispered in my ear “The question is, are you creating consciously or unconsciously? Are you being carried by the winds of life, or are you choosing your path?” I smiled as I took my next step, turning into a shop of my choice, eagerly waiting for my adventure to unfold.

I wanted to share one example on how “chance” encounters unfold. When I was walking downtown going from shop to shop, I stopped and talked to a woman who had just opened a new business she sold herbal teas, tonics, and homemade soaps. We talked for an hour sharing stories, thoughts, and encouragement. When I got home and reflected on our conversation, I realized she had shared many gems with me, so I wrote them down. I’d like to share them with you now:

· Follow your passion do what you love

· Enjoy the slow times in your business, as a time to play, create and have fun.

· Everything will unfold as needed

· The people who need you will come

· Once the pupil is ready the Master will appear.

· If you feel friction and tension, it is wrong.

· Allow space for growth and expansion

· Allow the energy to become what it wants to become.

How magical and wonderful a chance encounter can be, if we are open to Spirit’s guidance and stay conscious of our intentions.

Copyright 2022 Restoring light, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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