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the Gift of Healing Light

The ice crystal slowly opened revealing the beautiful glow of the morning light,

drawing me to an awareness from deep within my heart

The gift of healing, unfolding in a moment of revealed light

So much is held in the “frozen” aspects of our mind and memories,

holding us as captive, keeping us from moving forward

In opening our heart to receive the light, we will begin to hear the song of our soul,

guiding and drawing us back to the path of life

Reconnecting us to our Creator

Helping us to remember who we are.

It is here, as we listen to the echoes from our heart,

that we can make a choice to live in fullness and embrace gratitude

Opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities before us

The gift of healing unfolds in a moment of revealed light,

awakening our Soul to wholeness

Blessings, Valerie

A thousand songs your Soul will sing,

A Thousand adventures to partake in, and that just the beginning,

Listen to the whispers of your Soul my friend,

Follow the callings of your heart.


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