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The Doorway to Healing

Standing in the darkness, I stood yearning for an answer,

I quieted my busy mind as I turned inward to my heart center,

I began to hear the echoes of the song of my heart,

She spoke words of encouragement and guidance,

of living life in fullness and gratitude, she spoke of

the opening and unfolding of infinite possibilities.

An awareness began to unfold before me,

shedding a light on the hidden and covered aspects of my life.

Like the sunlight piercing through the forest

revealing a place of beauty and peace,

I began to see a place of hope, of answers unfolding before me.

I allowed the light of healing to filter into the caverns of my heart,

For it is in the awareness of the hidden and covered aspects of our life,

that we find the doorway to the pathway of healing.

Entering the Doorway

When dealing with struggles in our life, such as illness, or relationship problems we tend to go into our head for the answers on how to solve the situations. We are used to the brain and our ego being the problem solvers. But the ego’s guidance is limited, as the ego bases its decisions on past experiences or belief systems it has held as true for ages, even since childhood. The ego is always trying to protect you. It does not have the ability to see “between the lines” into the realm of energy, spirit, and consciousness. To see and perceive information at this level we must connect with our heart, which is the bridge to our intuitive knowledge.

When we are connected to our hearts and we quiet our busy mind, we become open to the guidance of our Creator, and from our guides and teachers. We can notice the consciousness of those around us and gain insight into their behavior, hopes or dreams. We can connect with nature, with the animals, birds and plants and gain insight and wisdom from how they stay in harmony with the Earth. And in this state of connection, we begin to understand our own personal struggles, patterns of behavior, and the reasons for the journeys we have taken. It is here that we can find the answers and direction we need to change the patterns in our life and create something new. Life is not simply a roll of the dice, I believe it is truly meant to be magical, wonderful journey of co-creation with you and the Creator. A journey of awakening to your true authentic self and the reason you came to this beautiful earth.

Connecting with the doorway of your heart begins with a choice. Take a moment to quiet your busy mind and set your intention to hear the whispers of your heart. Take a few breaths deep into your belly and when you exhale focus on releasing tension or stress (blow it out). After a few breaths turn your attention back to your heart and ask a question.

"What am I trying to learn from the situation? "

"What could I do differently to help change the situation?"

"How Could I change my diet or lifestyle to help improve my health?"

"When I'm feeling frustrated in this relationship, what am I really frustrated about? Is the person mirroring back to me something I need to change in myself?”

Ask, seek, then listen. If you are not used to listening to the guidance of your heart you may not hear the answers right away. Your ego will try and step in and give you solutions that it has repeated time and time again. When this happens, you will notice that your mind starts running again, replaying the same stories, and placing blame for your situation on others, or situations out of your control. At this point, go back to the breathing exercise again and place your hand on your heart, tell your mind to hush for now, and listen to your heart.

The heart speaks in whispers, in images and feelings, and in a sense of knowing the right path for you to take. The heart is patient and kind and full of compassion for you. It does not judge you, always believes in you and seeks your highest good.

When the heart is giving guidance, you will feel peace. In contrast, when the ego is giving guidance, the answers feel more analytical, "sensible" and "safe". The heart often moves us to a place where we can face our fears and overcome them; for the heart believes in our potential to succeed, and desires us to grow and evolve.

Step by step, "stone by stone," we cross the rivers of our life. May you give your self-permission to heal, to evolve and to grow. The doorway to healing stands before you, may you enter her gates with new hope for the journey she will guide you on.

Blessings, Valerie

"Your soul speaks in feelings, in longings, in yearnings,

in deep knowing, in vibrations, in signs, in nature, in people.

It centers itself in the heart."

- Rebecca Campbell, Light is the New Black

Standing at the water’s edge, I gazed at the forest on the other side. The forest is a place of magic whose mysteries are visible to those who have eyes to see them. As I stood gazing at the forest, the wind whispered as she moved around me, making her presence known. “How can I learn to see this hidden world?” I asked. And the wind responded “All that is, is reflected in the world around you. Learn to see the reflection of the energy you are seeking.”

As I pondered this in my heart, I suddenly became aware of a rainbow of color reflecting on the pond. The colors were so beautiful and vibrant that every cell in my body seemed to dance and come alive. My heart was filled with excitement and joy. And at that moment, I understood the words the wind had whispered to me. I felt her loving presence once more before she retreated dancing across the pond. As she silently moved away from me, she left ripples on the water, creating steppingstones for me to follow to the forest's edge.

I love the forest and all the beautiful mysteries she holds. When I enter the forest, I leave the 3-dimensional world behind me and enter a multi-dimensional world. The forest is a symbolic place I go to seek enlightenment and gain a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. The reflections I mentioned in this writing are symbolic of the intuitive insight we receive as we go through our day. Intuition is the doorway to the unseen world of energy, Spirit, and consciousness. Intuition reveals herself subtly at first, trying to get our attention. She speaks in synchronicities, dreams, visions, and Ah-ha moments. Ever working to get our attention, to give us a thirst for a deeper connection to ourselves, to our Creator and to consciousness.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Photos and artwork by Valerie Greguire, copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved


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