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Revealing the Web of Life

I find myself drawn to working with artificial intelligence (AI) to create art. The process reminds me of a turtle slowly making his way up a log to bask in the rewarding sunlight. The process is slow, and often ends with my slipping back only to start again. But once the connection is made the result is so rewarding and inspires my mind. This artwork which I entitled “Revealing the Web of Life” is one such example. The intricate detail, the colors, and the focus of the light is what I was seeing in my mind’s eye. The magic is in how the computer interpreted my input. Not only bringing it to life but giving it much more depth than I expressed with the words I typed.

Working with AI to create artwork is a process of fishing for a connection between your mind’s vision and the computer’s intelligence. You try to communicate the vision you have for your art and relate this to the innate intelligence of the computer, all the while your mind is telling you this is not possible. But in the end, when the art is revealed, you realize something magical just happened. It is in moments like this, when something forms out of nothing, that I wonder about the limits we place on what is possible in life. And this creates within me a hunger to explore more of the innate potential which resides within us.

“We create because we have to. And the reward for creating, in any form, is that it keeps us alive. This is why we devote ourselves to art. It is our covenant with Life……A dolphin reaches surface to taste the air. It doesn’t leap to be an acrobat. So, yearn, sprout, and push your heart into the world. Immerse yourself and live. More than accomplished artists, the world needs impassioned creators to dive and break surface.” ” - Mark Nepo, Drinking from the Rivers of Light

Copyright 2022 Restoring Life, all rights reserved,

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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