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Reflections in the Heart

Standing at the water’s edge, I gazed at the forest on the other side.

The forest is a place of magic whose mysteries are visible to those who have eyes to see them. As I stood gazing at the forest, the wind whispered as she moved around me, making her presence known. “How can I learn to see this hidden world?” I asked. And the wind responded “All that is, is reflected in the world around you. Learn to see the reflection of the energy you are seeking.”

As I pondered this in my heart, I suddenly became aware of a rainbow of color reflecting on the pond. The colors were so beautiful and vibrant that every cell in my body seemed to dance and come alive. My heart was filled with excitement and joy. And at that moment, I understood the words the wind had whispered to me. I felt her loving presence once more before she retreated dancing across the pond. As she silently moved away from me, she left ripples on the water, creating steppingstones for me to follow to the forest's edge.

I love the forest and all the beautiful mystery she holds. When I enter the forest, I leave the 3-dimensional world behind me and enter a multi-dimensional world. The forest is a symbolic place I go to seek enlightenment and gain a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. The reflections I mentioned in this writing are symbolic of the intuitive insight we receive as we go through our day. Intuition is the doorway to the unseen world of energy, Spirit, and consciousness. Intuition reveals herself subtly at first, trying to get our attention. She speaks in synchronicities, dreams, visions, and Ah-ha moments. Ever working to get our attention, to give us a thirst for a deeper connection to ourselves, to our Creator and to consciousness.

Blessings, Valerie

The morning sunlight streams through the window of my healing room and begins to dance around. I lift my tuning forks and join in the playful dance of sound and light, excited to be a part of this beautiful energy as it unfolds. All of Creation vibrates in a symphony of sound and light flowing from the Creator. Our bodies respond to these frequencies, and if we choose, we can resonate with them. Creating health and vitality is all about frequency and vibration. For our physical bodies respond to and reflect the reflect the frequencies we hold within us.

Copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Images by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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