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Reflections from my Heart

My soul is gently guiding me, there are markers on the trail she has left for me, urging me to notice them and to follow them. There is something special down this path which my soul is urging me to discover; new insights, new adventures, new challenges and victories to be won. All are carefully designed to guide me to be the strongest, most complete version of myself, that I might stand in confidence and beauty embracing my inner power.

You will not find the answers to your heart’s deepest questions in the regions of your mind. For your mind is like the river, ever moving, ever changing direction, as it moves along the river of life. Seek instead to stop and pause, to sit along a quiet lake to reflect and enjoy the present moment. For it is in this moment that you can move into the quiet places in your heart. For it is there, in your heart center, that you will see the reflections of your soul. It is here that the answers you seek will be revealed.

The beautiful lake reflecting the brightly colored boats, the geese going about their lives, the quiet mountains, all capture my attention. My mind becomes still, and I move into the present moment. In the silence, Spirit whispers to me, reminding me to be conscious of my thoughts throughout the day.

Where am I focusing my thoughts and energy? What is the mood I am embracing? What vibration am I holding? Am I angry or feeling sorry for myself, or am I joyful and standing in my own power? I make a choice to become conscious of the colors I place on the canvas from which I create this day. For if I am conscious of the colors I choose, of the brush strokes I make, and the images I am forming, I will not allow circumstances or other people to dictate what manifests in my day.

I choose to connect with my heart and with my spirit.

I choose to consciously to connect with my Creator,

with my angels, my guides, and with nature.

I choose to connect with my life purpose,

my dreams, and the visions which flow from my heart.

I choose to become a conscious creator of my life.

Copyright 2021 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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