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New Year blessing

On a cold mid-November day, as the season of winter began to reveal herself, the blossoms of the winter cherry caught my eye. With barren trees and dried grass surrounding her, she had decided to blossom. I marveled at the delicate beauty of her flowers, how they unfolded with such grace. The winter cherry blossom represents an inner willpower, to rise above circumstances and challenge while staying centered and at peace.

As this year of challenge comes to a close, I asked Spirit for a message to share with you. A message of strength and of hope. Listening ever so carefully, I waited quietly for the words to come. I could feel them, they unfolded with the beauty of the winter cherry opening to blossom.

To all my beautiful friends, you are perfect just the way you are,

The imperfections that you see within yourself,

I see as gemstones, waiting to be polished,

Your very presence in my life creates a fabric of emotions in my heart,

I am touched by your love,

Challenged by your bravery,

And moved to compassion by your struggles.

To all my beautiful friends, it is an honor to be part of your journey,

And to have you walk beside me in mine,

This is unity, this is love,

There is no judgment, only acceptance,

Whether encouragement, or tears shared,

We weave a web of energy between us, as we move forward together.

I send blessings to you this Holiday Season,

I send blessings to you for this coming New Year,

Let us enter the New Year together, hand in hand,

For with hearts connected we are strong,

With hearts connected; we are one.

May these words bless you and bring you peace, Valerie

Copyright 2020 Restoring Light, all rights reserved


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