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Messages in the Fog

The morning fog encircled me as I walked along a quiet country path; Giving me an eerie feeling as the world around me began to fade away. A feeling of solitude akin to loneliness surfaces, and yet I feel a sense of peace. I can feel the fog has a purpose, what is she trying to tell me?

I come across a single yellow flower rising upward, defying the fog, she speaks of clarity.

A dew-covered web, almost invisible, reveals itself against the fog, she speaks of the interconnectedness of all things. A row of cheerful pink zinnias dance in joy despite the heaviness around them, they speak of inner strength. Crossing the meadow, I come across the most unusual flower boldly singing its song for all those who will listen. She sings of creativity and possibilities.

The fog, which I once thought was there to isolate me, revealed her secret of bringing clarity and awareness, where I would not have seen it before. All things serve their purpose, all journeys have their gems. When the fog of loneliness or depression surrounds you, move into her, for she is helping to quiet your busy mind. She is seeking to reveal the hope and the answers which are all around you. She seeks to awaken your awareness.

Copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Phots by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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