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Go ahead - Be different - Be unique - Be Yourself

You are a beautiful soul just waiting to blossom to your full potential! Are you desiring something new in your life? The first step to manifesting this is to allow yourself to be open to new possibilities, to changes you never imagined possible. Be open to the idea of letting go of old habits, ideas and beliefs which no longer serve you. Move your focus from what you don’t like about your life to what you want to see grow in your life. For what we focus on, is what is magnified in our life. The moment you choose to embrace a new way of reacting to a situation, you allow for transformation to take place. You will find that old ideas, beliefs, and habits dissolve when you no longer focus on them. Suddenly, you are no longer an angry person, a jealous person, or a shy person. You let go by embracing new responses which dissolve not only the pattern of reaction, but the beliefs which held them in place. You will then find that people come into your life and new doors of opportunities begin to open.

“The first time in life that you are born, you are taught a certain way to be in this world. You come into this life with a family, live in a certain culture, and adopt certain beliefs. You go to a certain school and are downloaded with the information they choose for you, to shape your view of life and the world. The Second time you are born, when you awaken, you stand at the doorway of opportunity, as you have now been empowered to re-create your life for a second time. “ - Paraphrased from Heaven on Earth, the Movie

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