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Finding your Vision

Every journey in our life starts with a dream or a vision. We see it in our mind’s eye until it stands with clarity before us. And if we find that we are still drawn to it, we drop that vision into our heart to nourish and embrace it and allow it to grow. This ignites passion within our heart and gives us the motivation to bring our vision into the physical world.

Remain loyal to your unseen reality, to that which you imagine, desire, or yearn to create. Feel it with all your emotions, embrace it with all your senses. Watch for the unfolding of your creation and notice how the universe begins to place the stones across the path that you might find a way to cross the waters of “that which is now, to that which will be”.

With our choices we paint our canvas, with our beliefs we construct our foundation, with our fears we create our walls; but with our dreams and visions we dissolve them all. The vision that you hold in your heart was meant to be created, for it is a seed waiting to be planted, nurtured, and allowed to grow; limited only by the human mind. For The world of magic and wonder that you knew as a child was not make believe, it is still here. You must open your inner eye to see it again.

I love peacocks, this magnificent bird has drawn my attention since I first encountered them in person at a park when I was 18 years old. Over the years peacocks have appeared in my dreams and visions always gently guiding me - to awaken to the hidden information around me. This powerful bird radiates an aura of beauty, leadership, and glory, combined with quiet strength and a strong presence. Its tail feathers are covered in a hundred eyes, symbolic of our intuitive sight. The Peacock, as a spirit animal, encourages us to open our vision to see beyond the physical realm, past the illusions in our life, into the realm of infinite possibilities; and to move boldly forward to follow our dreams. I created this artwork to express the beauty and mystery hidden in these birds.

Copyright 2022, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, copyright 2022, all rights reserved


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