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Finding Vidya - inner clarity and knowledge

We see so much of life through the filters of our limited beliefs, many of which stay hidden just below the surface of our minds. If we look for them, we will discover them. If we become bold enough to question these beliefs and allow ourselves to perceive our life from a new perspective, we will walk through the doorway to new possibilities.

Imagination can be a powerful tool for self-growth and transformation. The following blog is designed to move you into the realms of imagination and self-discovery. You can choose to live your life focusing only on the physical realm, or you can awaken your intuitive sight, to notice the realm of energy, information, and spirit. I encourage you to set your judgment aside and give yourself permission to explore.

At the entry to the forest sits a quiet reflective pond. People stop there when they see the water’s edge, but they don’t stay long. For this is a sacred space which keeps its secrets hidden. The water is not deep and looks stagnant and murky. The dead tree limbs hanging over the water’s edge complete the look. I have always been drawn to this place because I sense an interesting presence there. I call this presence a forest Deva, much like the angels which watch over and protect the earth, the Devas of the forest are the keepers of the forest. And so, the forest Deva stays hidden, until someone stops to notice her by opening their senses to the invisible realm of energy.

After 20 minutes of patiently waiting, the sun began to filter through the trees, creating a pattern on the wall of stone which supports the pond. I watched with anticipation, as the Deva revealed herself. She looked so different from the photograph I took of her a year ago, much more hidden, yet equally beautiful and mysterious. I decided I would name her Vidya. Vidya is a Sanskrit word which reflects gaining clarity and knowledge through “higher learning,” it is knowledge you acquire from being present and tuned into Spirit, rather than passive study. In contrast the Sanskrit word Avidya means the lack of awareness, caused by keeping the doors of your perception shut.

Whether or not you believe in the unseen, magical world of spirit, devas, or fairies, you can still choose to bring Vidya into your life. You can choose to emerge yourself, body, mind, and spirit into something, to emerge with an understanding that is beyond your mind and your five physical senses.

May you have a magical day, Valerie

copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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