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Find your Happy Place

Have you noticed that they’re times in your life that you feel happy and joyful for no apparent reason? Like when you sit beside a lake looking at the reflections, and a feeling of peace and contentment washes over you. Or you’re working in your garden, or washing your car on a sunny day, and suddenly you feel joyful and want to skip or do a little dance.

The ancient wisdom teachers taught that this state of contentment and bliss is our natural state of being. We can connect with this state of being when we still our busy mind and quiet the comments of our ego. For as we disconnect from the outside world, we find a pathway to connect with our spirit. As we do so, joy and peace surround us, we feel gratitude for everything around us, and we know that we are never really lacking in anything.

The photograph below is at the entrance of my favorite walking place. The beautiful orange Azaleas which greet me as I walk across the bridge are symbolic of this “happy place” that I am about to enter. As I walk the path along the lake and through the wooded areas, I leave my day-to-day life behind. I’m completely free to connect with nature, with my inner self, and with my Creator. The whole experience rebalances my mind and energy and fills me with joy.

We all need a “happy place” that we can rest in, to refresh our body, mind, and spirit. For me, it is walking in the woods. For you it might be working on a puzzle at a table while your favorite music is playing in the background. We are all unique, we all have our special connections. I encourage you today to not neglect these rejuvenating moments in your life for they are the aspects of living which nourish your soul and rekindle your heart.

My higher self is guiding me, there are markers on the trail she left for me,

Left there, that I might notice them, and choose to follow them,

There is something special down this path which she is urging me to follow,

New insights, new adventures, new challenges, and victories to be won,

All carefully designed to guide me to be the strongest,

most complete version of myself,

That I might stand in confidence and beauty embracing my inner power.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved

Photos by Valerie Greguire, Copyright Restoring Light 2022, all rights reserved


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