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Encounters in the Forest

My husband and I walked along a tree lined path in the forest, a creek flowed alongside us gently singing songs as we walked along. We passed a place where I sensed the energy was different, it felt magical to me. “I think fairies live here” I said. My husband looked at me with an amused look on his face. Perhaps he could not feel the energy which caused me to make such a statement.

“Fairies”, I said, “might not be literal invisible beings which live in the forest, it's just what people call this type of magical energy. When the mind is unable to explain what it senses, it tends to personify what it feels to understand it.” There are many things in this world which the mind can’t quite comprehend. And with that thought we continued along our way, taking in the beauty and the magic of the forest all around us. And as we walked along, I felt the touch of the “wind” on my face and noticed a sparkle of light glide by us.

Can you open your mind to the possibility that fairies are actual beings of light that live in the forest tending to the plants? Perhaps we have personified them over time, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Could you consider that there are Devas (nature angels) which watch over the forest and land and help keep it in balance? I think we can all sense that there's some type of intelligence that resides over Nature. Our Creator has made so many amazing creatures on this earth and plants which boggle our minds, why not fairies and Devas? A simple shift in perception can turn ordinary into extraordinary and reveal the most amazing mysteries.

In creating our life, we often set limitations as to what we believe is possible, and how something is “supposed to be”. One of the teachers I study under likened this to a human playing checkers. The player moves across the board with limited steps and directions that he can move. But the awakened human uses the same playing board but changes the pieces to play chess instead. This creates expanded possibilities to move in many directions which creates many new experiences.

copyright 2022 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Artwork by Valerie Greguire, copyright 2022, all rights reserved


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