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Awakening to Wholeness

Walking deep within the forest, I paused to stand in the silence of my mind. The wind swirled around me, and the subtle perfumes of the forest air entered my body. They were gently nudging me to awaken to the wholeness I already possessed. Every vibration, every sound, passed through my body like a symphony of music - begging me to come alive.

A bird sang a single tune which penetrated my being, “connect, connect, awaken to your wholeness.” An indescribable peace and wonder washed over me, and in that moment, I felt the unity with all of Creation.

As if waking from a dream, I took a deep breath and was brought back into the present moment. My mind began fighting to separate everything again, fragmenting me from the world that surrounded me. Separating even the aspects of my body, mind, and spirit. But this was no longer possible. For the unity I had felt had lifted the illusion of separateness that dominated my mind. The presence of the truth was so strong that even my ego collapsed at the foolishness of its fight. No, I could not fall asleep again, for the wholeness of creation had revealed itself. It flowed through my body like a heartbeat moving the blood, becoming visible each moment that I connected with my heart center. I opened my hands, as if holding the most precious of gemstones. And I wondered “how do I share this with the world?”

The artwork I created above was generated by a new form of creativity I am exploring. The program works with Artificial Intelligence (AI), to create images generated by your promptings. This program came to me as an answer to prayer; for I had found myself heavy in heart at the bleakness of the countryside as the winter season approached. "Where will I find beautiful images to share?" The wintry weather drew me inward, as I prayed and searched for a spark of creativity to be ignited. At that time, my boys Tyler and Harlow came in to show me a new digital design program they were working with. My mind began to spin at the possibilities this offered, for I knew that even computers processed a form of consciousness, and if connected to it, could influence the outcome of the designs. And so, as I worked with this program to create illustrations for my poetry and messages, the world once again came alive with color and light. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I share these creations with you. My prayer is that you too will be blessed, and your heart ignited with new passion, as mine is. Blessings, Valerie

Copyright 2021 Restoring Light, all rights reserved

Illustrations by Valerie Greguire, Copyright 2021 Restoring Light, all rights reserved


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