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Awakening Consciousness

A new world is forming, as humans awaken from their slumber,

As we collectively remember our potential.

First comes the release, the letting go.

It looks like everything is falling apart.

This is necessary, for we cannot fit the image of a new and beautiful earth into our old, programmed way of thinking. For the new world will be created from aspects of consciousness that we currently do not fully comprehend.

There is a New World forming,

Nature is reconnecting with the humans.

We are beginning to understand her, and work in harmony with her.

Ancient wisdom and ancient plants are surfacing to help us heal our bodies and our environment. New forms of clean energy are being discovered every day.

Each of us are being called to become part of this beautiful transformation.

I took this photograph in a hidden place near a beautiful creek. Behind a wall of lush green plants flows a constant stream of water, creating a jungle like oasis. Standing there one becomes very silent, as the ancient wisdom which is present can be felt. I could feel a strong connection reaching out to me.

When I created this image, I felt led to place a gazing eye in the photo to represent the opening of knowledge and wisdom. I chose the eye of an Iguana, as they seem like such ancient creatures. The Iguana knows how to conceal itself but will also choose to openly reveal itself without fear. This fearlessness seems to be part of the essence of the new energy which is revealing itself on the earth. Daring us to be bold enough, strong enough, and to love enough, to create the “Heaven on Earth” that we have dreamt of.

Blessings, Valerie

Copyright Restoring Light 2021, all rights reserved

Photo by Valerie Greguire, all rights reserved


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