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Activating Healing Energy

Life is designed to be vibrant; when we look to nature, we can see the potential that is available to us when we connect with this energy. Nature is full of constantly unfolding energy, and endless beauty. Nature knows how to restore harmony and balance; she moves effortlessly through the changing seasons and renews herself when devastation occurs.

We can look to plants in nature to help restore and maintain our health. Plants are natural healers; they provide nutrition for our bodies and help restore our vitality. Herbal formulas derived from plants provide us with the energetic properties as well as the nutritional properties from the plants. Plant energy can help us to activate our inner healer within us.

Chinese Trigger Immune, and Chinese Nervous Fatigue are two formulas which resonate with vibrant health. These formulas are made with a combination of over 16 herbs which work in harmony with each other. The ancient Chinese healers did not diagnose illness or prescribe medications to make symptoms go away. Instead, they worked with the body’s own inner intelligence and supported the optimal function of the body’s organs, cells, and tissues.

Chinese Nervous Fatigue supports the nervous and circulatory systems. Many of the herbs in this formula have adaptogen properties which help you recover from long term stress. Nourishing the nervous system, while supporting good circulation, allows the body to relax while opening the channels of the circulation to activate healing and repair. This formula has a revitalizing effect on the nervous system, it is a wonderful formula to help “re-kindle your fire” when you are feeling burned out. I use this formula when I have pushed myself too hard, I find it helps me restore my enthusiasm and my natural sleep patterns.

Chinese Trigger Immune – is a restorative tonic formula, herbal tonics are herbs which nourish and support all the body functions. Tonic herbs are nutritive and nourishing to the cells, tissues, organs, and the whole individual, and are often used for long periods of time. Trigger Immune formula was designed to help rejuvenate the cells of the body to help counteract fatigue, poor health, and general weakness. Unlike other herbs that are used for specific symptoms, The herbs in this formula support healthy circulation, enhance digestion, tone the liver and kidneys, and help support recovery from long term stress. This is an excellent formula to help revitalize the body.

Disclaimer: Supplement recommendations are not designed to treat a disease condition. Discussions are for educational purposes only. Supplements should be used to nourish and strengthen the natural function of the various body organs and systems so that they will have a greater capacity to heal themselves. It is not intended to replace your doctor's recommendations. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding existing medical conditions, or the use of medications with supplements, should be discussed with your nutritionally oriented medical doctor.

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Photo by Valerie Greguire


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