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Activating Healing with Vibrational Remedies

What is the energy behind the body’s ability to heal? Can we influence this energy?

Why does one person get sick and recover in hours or days, while another struggles for weeks to recover? There is an energy which activates healing, to find understand its importance, we need to look beyond the physical level to a level of energy and vibration which takes place at a cellular level. You have around 50 to 70 trillion cells in the body, which are all communicating with each other, and you are communicating with your cells as well. Your cells hold a frequency, and like Tibetan bowls, once activated, they release their energy and information held within them. To fully embrace the energy of healing we must move past focusing on physical symptoms and shift our focus to the flow of energy through the body. We can use symptoms to help us discover where the flow of energy is blocked, slowed, constricted, or in excess. We can then use vibrational remedies to bring harmony and balance back into the flow of the energy in the body; activating the inner healer within you.

What are vibrational remedies? Since everything is made of energy and information there are many forms of vibrational remedies which you can use to activate healing. Most of us would recognize sound therapy as a source of vibrational healing and you may be familiar with herbs and essential oils carrying frequencies as well. When you eat fresh organic, non-GMO fruits and veggies you consume their vibration into your body. This sends messages to your DNA to turn on health enhancing genes. In contrast, processed foods with added chemicals and artificial ingredients have a lower frequency, weakening the body. But it doesn’t stop there, your food, emotions, your activities, and thoughts all carry frequencies which can affect your health. We all are familiar with how singing, and dancing can raise our moods, and how emotions like anger or resentment can make us feel ill. Prayer, meditation, and visualization are powerful activators of healing as they shift the vibration of both your heart and your cells. I created the chart above to help you get a feel for the many possible vibrational remedies you can use to activate healing and vitality in you body. Look this over and see which areas you might need to focus on or have neglected. And then make a choice to focus on these areas to improve your health.

Change starts with a desire to Improve your Health: Our first activator of the healing process is in the realm of thoughts and intention. Hold a desire to be healthier and have a willingness to change your habits to promote healing in your body. When you decide to change unhealthy habits, such as cutting back on sugars, and add healthy habits like meditating, or starting an exercise program you will begin to activate the healing process. Make the choice to love and care for yourself enough to make the changes that are needed. Begin by taking simple steps that you can follow to live a healthier lifestyle. When you make a choice to improve your health, you EMPOWER yourself and you give your body new instructions on what you expect and desire.

Take back your power: Most of us have spent a lifetime dealing with our physical symptoms mainly from a medical standpoint. When we got ill, we went to the doctor and got a medication (My mom worked for a pharmacy so this was the norm for my family). Advertisements on TV told us what to do for health “milk builds strong bones” we were never told that the power to heal our bodies is within us and the body really is self-healing.

Take your power back by deciding to form a relationship with your body and learn to communicate with it. Begin by taking slow and deliberate steps – don’t push past what you are willing to do. The key is to make changes which create transformation in your body, mind, and spirit. For example, if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day cut back to 3, then 2 and then 1 per day. Make a point to find ways to connect with and move your body every day. Chose activities you enjoy and find it easy to commit to as you move your body more you will begin to activate the flow of Life Force energy through your body, and move toxins and sluggish energy out of the body.

I’m looking forward to your building a healthier happier you! Valerie

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