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Something Beautiful is Unfolding

There is a great potential for change unfolding before us right now. We are in a place in the creation process that is called the “pause”. The “pause “is a place of reflection, where we look back at all that we have created thus far, both personally and collectively as humans, and we contemplate where do we go from here. If you could, would you really want to turn back the clock to the way things were just four months ago? Do you want things to go back to how they were? Or do you want to create something better? Have you found gifts in this time of isolation that you want to hold onto? Have you let go of some things that no longer serve you, and in the process, have you found portions of yourself you thought you had lost?

In the creation process, the “pause “is a time of turning inward, to create seeds. A time to reflect on creating something new. This global event did not occur in our lives and on our planet in order to destroy us. But rather, it is an opportunity to awaken to the truth of who we are as human beings and why we came to this beautiful planet. It is an opportunity to write a new story. An opportunity for us as humans to create a new world. It is an opportunity to break free from the illusions that you need others to control your life and health of your body. This is an opportunity to choose to embrace your divine potential and rise to your highest level and embrace the talent you have been born with. This is an opportunity to take charge of your health, your career and your life path. You can push past your fixed beliefs as to what is possible.

Something new is unfolding, we are holding the seeds of change in our hands. What do you want to create? Which seeds do you want to plant? Do you want to become the gardener of the rest of your life?

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