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The Messages in Nature

I stood upon the bridge overlooking the pond. The water lily and geese floated silently upon the water’s surface, creating an air of tranquility and peace. I wondered what message they carried, what wisdom they might share. I watched the two geese for a long time. One watched me intently, ever protective of her mate who dived into the water headfirst hunting for something to eat. He never once gave me a glance as he knew his mate was watching over him. If I got too close, she gently guided them away, when I spoke to her she listened and spoke silently with her eyes. Geese teach us about taking care of each other, for doing our part so the greater whole is cared for. They teach us to be vigilant and watchful but to stay in peace at the same time.

Geese are masters of migration; they are intuitively tuned to the changes of the seasons. I love to hear them calling at the end of summer as they gracefully fly across the sky; letting us know that the change of season is before us. When they fly, they take turns leading, alternating with each other. We each have our talents and our strengths, and the geese teach us to learn to know when to lead and when to follow.

Geese are very intuitive and watchful, they teach us to be aware, to open our eyes to see what is before us. Their loud call is sounded when they sense danger. We too must share our truth with others and be fearless in the journey which lies before us.

I could not help but contemplate the water lily as she floated on top of the water, secured by her deep roots which grounded her. For it is when we are rooted and grounded that we can be at peace on top of the waters of life. I found so many interesting things written about the water lily. I’d like to share this one which seems so relevant at this given time we are in –

“White Water Lily helps us know all is unfolding in divine order. It helps us feel a part of a seamlessly beautiful process. It will remind us that what appears to be a 'losing game' is really one of winning the only valuable reward, our freedom from all illusion and remembrance of our oneness with God.”

- Green Home Farm, makers of water lily flower essence

When the water lily gets ready to bear her fruit, she pulls her flower back into the water. Teaching us that our talents and abilities are revealed to us when we pull inward into the quiet of our hearts. Nature is our teacher and a guide for all we encounter. She is there to speak to you if you will listen. I encourage you to take a walk with her and listen for her voice.

There is an ebb and flow of energy and information that flows effortlessly through the natural world. You can see it everywhere. Watch the change of the seasons as Winter nears, the plants pull back into the earth, the animals grow warm coats or move into hibernation. The animals do not panic as the Winter moves in for their inner intelligence guides them to understand what is happening. And likewise, when Spring comes, they re-emerge and prepare to create new life again.

Nature, the Earth and its creatures are connected to a web of life which was created by our Creator. When you spend some quiet time in nature, connecting with it, watching and listening to the songs that are being sung, you connect with the web of life and to the heart of your Creator.

Blessings, Valerie Greguire

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