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Your Inner Guidance

I watched in awe as the world came to a standstill, the busy lives so many have lived, suddenly put on hold. And for the first time in a long time, the people had time to take a deep breath. The people had time to rest, to sleep in, and to renew their energy. They were being given a gift, but many could not see it for this change had brought them fear, confusion and anger. And as the people slept, I began to hear the sound of the rushing water flowing down the river. She was talking to them, I could hear her speaking “listen, listen carefully for your inner voice. There is guidance available to you during these times of confusion. You must quiet your busy mind and you will be able to hear it.”

She was speaking of intuition, the inner guidance system given to you by your Creator, long ago forgotten by so many, waiting to be discovered again.

Most of us spend our time in our thinking mind, analyzing, judging and making sense of everything around us. Because of this, when we try to tune into our intuition, we can’t hear the message it is giving us. To understand this better, imagine yourself in a busy restaurant where everyone is talking, and loud music is playing, you look across the room and you notice a friend has entered and he’s calling to you. He’s trying to say something, but you can’t hear his words because of all the noise going on. The noise in the restaurant is like the thoughts in your head, blocking out the voice of your intuition.

Although we do not like what is going on, and being stuck at home, there are gifts to be found during this time. My two boys ages 21 and 24, decided to plant a vegetable garden so they could grow some of our own food. If it were not for the Covid-19 situation they may not have pursued this. Learning to garden and grow their own food will take them on a new journey in their lives. For myself, this quiet time is allowing me to reflect on many decisions I was making, and I am finding my priorities are vastly different now. I am digging deeper into my inner self to release the struggles I have held for too long, and to find the gifts which I may have buried.

Take it advantage of this time when the world Is standing still, go outside if you can and find a place where you can listen to the sounds of nature. If this is not available where you live, pull up a YouTube channel to listen to the sounds of the ocean, forest or waterfalls. Or perhaps you could watch a nature show on Netflix. It is important during this confusion to become centered and grounded and connect with the Earth. As you do this, allow your mind to relax, allow your thoughts to float off down the river, and move yourself into your heart. For when you are connected to your heart you will be able to hear your inner guidance system. It is here, when you are connected to your heart, that you can find peace in the midst of a storm. It is here in your heart that you will be able to connect with your Creator.

And perhaps if you listen closely you will hear the words that I am hearing “We are going to be OK, this is not the end, it is the beginning of something powerful and beautiful which holds great healing for this planet, and the people on it.”

Blessings, Valerie

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