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The Message in the Silence

Yesterday as I took my morning walk a dense fog covered the ground, erasing all that was around me. I came across a branch lying on the ground upon which hung a cocoon. For the past week I had been reflecting on the magic of the cocoon. I had looked around the hedge rows but was unable to find one. And now, here on the ground on a fallen branch from a tree, I was given one. A beautiful gift from Spirit which spoke to my heart.

God’s creation is much more than something of beauty and wonder to be enjoyed and held in awe, it is full of messages, patterns and symbolic metaphors designed to speak to us. For within his creation, God has placed the keys to the mysteries of life itself. They are designed to release their wisdom when we stop, reflect and listen for their messages to unfold.

The magical cocoon, a place where the humble caterpillar transforms into a magnificent butterfly. After the caterpillar transforms he no longer eats the leaves of plants, but instead drinks the nectar of the flowers. In mythology, nectar was considered a drink of the gods that gave one great inspiration and immortality. I see the caterpillar transforming to the butterfly as a symbol of the transformation from a life focused on the physical world, to a life guided by spirit. The butterfly now drinks the nectar from spirit, to sustain and guide him in his new life.

The cocoon represents a place of silence, a place where we can quiet our busy minds and the world around us. A place where we can dissolve old beliefs and release that which no longer serves us. The cocoon reminds us to go within to allow transformation to take place.

I love this photograph of the cocoon in the fog, both symbolic of the quiet place where we can connect with spirit. The red leaves of the tree in the background, another beautiful symbol of transformation and change. There is so much in this photograph to reflect on, I pray that its message speaks to you.

True transformation and change are not a result of your outward actions but takes place in the quiet places of your heart.

Blessings, Valerie

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