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Releasing Emotions - with the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Ancient Chinese medicine as well as, the new science of epigenetics, recognize that your thoughts and emotions affect the health of your cells. For instance, we know that when you perceive yourself as being under stress, your hormonal system becomes less active and your metabolism slows down. And, when you embrace feelings of love and gratitude, you turn on growth hormone and activate your metabolism.

Traditional Chinese medicine takes this even deeper, they taught that certain emotions tend to be held in specific organs or systems of the body. They taught that these negative emotions can diminish the function of the cells in the body when held there for long periods of time. Have you ever held anger against a person or situation for many years? That anger stays in the body as a vibration and sends messages of tension and stress to the cells in that area.

Herbs and foods are considered vibrational remedies you can use them to help re-balance cellular function and the flow of energy through the body. Nature’s Sunshine has a great line of Chinese herbal blends which can help balance emotions while supporting the organ or system where they are held. I’ve included the names of the Chinese formulas and the body system or organ they support below.

Liver/gallbladder - anger, bitterness, resentment, discouragement

Chinese Liver Balance - focuses on cleansing and releasing, good when you are feeling irritable and short tempered. Helps the body release toxins from stressed cells.

Chinese Blood Stimulator – focuses on building and strengthening the body and the blood. Good when you are suffering chronic fatigue and low immune system. Lifts depression.

Chinese Mood Elevator – lifts heaviness and depression, helps create a “happy” heart. Improves circulation and liver function. Focus on restoring harmony and balance to your life.

Improves the flow of energy (Chi) through the body helping you release stagnant areas.

Note: Anger causes energy to rise = Rising energy creates heat. As this energy travels along the liver meridians it can create headaches and shoulder tension, stiff achy muscles and tendons, or dry red eyes.

Spleen/pancreas/stomach – Dwelling or worry. Includes too much mental work and studying

Chinese Spleen Activator -Focuses on improving digestion especially with loose stools, bloating or food sensitivities. Helps clear sinus or lung congestion related to poor digestion. Helps a person feel more centered and clearer minded. Improves protein metabolism.

Chinese Anti-Gas – clears congestion in the digestive system and blood from eating a diet of processed foods, fried foods or too much sugar. Helps to relieve gas, bloating or indigestion. Relaxes digestive spasms.

Note: Worry causes energy to stagnate = slowed digestion, bloating, easily bruising skin, weak muscles (poor protein digestion), loose stools (poor digestion), craving sweets or carbohydrates for energy.

Heart / Nervous System / Small Intestine – rejection, lack of joy, lack of motivation, unhappiness / or the opposite: too much excitement or euphoria

Chinese Nervous Fatigue – focus on restoring motivation and energy, recovering from long-term stress, recover from “burn-out”. Improve circulation, glandular and nervous system function.

Chinese Stress Relief – focus on relaxation, restful sleep. reducing anxiety, improving a nervous digestion, and quieting the mind.

Chinese Mood Elevator – focus on restoring harmony and balance to your life, restore a joyful heart, “let your inner light shine”. Improves the flow of energy (Chi) through the body helping you release stagnant areas.

Note: Unhappiness causes energy to slow down = lack of motivation, low energy, feeling burned out. Stagnation of energy which can cause congestion or pain.

Note: Too much Zest causes energy to dissipate = burn-out, sudden fatigue, mood swings

Lungs /colon - Grief or Sorrow, depression, sadness, feeling detached

Chinese Lung Support - Focuses on finding strength to release grief and loss. Ability to take life in again to its fullest, breath freely, ability to release old belief patterns. Strengthens immune system.

Chinese Trigger Immune – this formula helps build health and vitality when someone is rundown and has weakened immunity. Helps restore vigor to the body.

Chinese Breath Activator – Helps to clear inflammation in the respiratory system.

Note: Grief causes energy to dissipate = loss of hope, feeling depressed or detached, weak immune system, lung problems

Kidneys /adrenals/reproductive organs – Fearful, apprehension, insecurity, feeling isolated, lack of willpower

Chinese KB-C formula – Builds the adrenals and gives you strength to stand your ground, strengthens willpower, strengthens the physical body and vitality. Supports joint health, BP, short term memory, stores vital energy (Chi) and Hearing. Supports the urinary system and overall reproductive health.

Chinese Kidney activator- a formula to help clear congestion of fluids which can result from descending energy getting stuck in the cells and lymphatic system.

Note: Fear causes energy to descend = lack of willpower, unable to move forward, stuck

I have found it helpful to take the Chinese formula(s) for a duration of 2-3 months to give the body time to rebalance itself. Along with taking the supplements, consider what diet or lifestyle changes you can make to help your body recover its vital energy.

Take charge of your health - energy follows thought, it goes where you place your attention. We can shift into healing mode by choosing to focus on health and vitality, rather than focusing on our sickness or ill health. This is not just a mental exercise, but you should also FEEL what it would be like to re-gain your health. Imagine and feel the joy of having the energy to go on a hike in a beautiful park for instance. Make a practice of focusing on positive emotions such as gratitude and meditating on positive affirmations several times a day. Make lifestyle changes to help release negative emotions or habits which have caused you to become ill.

I Hope this focus on emotions helps you to add another perspective to how you view health and healing.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright2018, Restoring Light, all rights reserved

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