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Help for Fall Sinus symptoms

The fall weather has arrived, and I am sure you can feel the changes, as your bodies adjust and prepare for cooler weather. One of the main indicators of the change of seasons is the sudden drop in temperature at night and the resulting tickle or drainage in your throat. As this drainage becomes more pronounced, it becomes a welcome breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The drainage can also leak into the ear canal causing plugged ears or run down your throat at night and cause your stomach to feel a bit nauseous in the morning. But don't let this all get you and your family down, with a little help from herbs, you can stop this cycle in its track.

Burdock Root is a wonderful plant that comes to help in times of seasonal changes. This herb supports the hypothalamus gland (the gland responsible for triggering the drainage from your sinus). Burdock helps to minimize the reaction to the temperature changes and stops the over-secretion of mucus that causes all the problems. I found it helpful to take a burdock just before bed to help stop the sinus drainage that results from the overnight drop in temperature.

There are a lot of allergens in the air that bother people in early fall. Plant pollens and mushroom spores aggravate the sinus and increase drainage from the sinus. Thankfully Nature’s Sunshine has a wonderful formula called Sinus Support EF which can help with Fall allergens, as well as help prevent the drainage from temperature changes. Sinus Support contains burdock to help the drippy sinus, along with the capsicum fruit, goldenseal, parsley leaf, horehound, marshmallow root, yerba santa and bitter orange fruit extract. These herbs soothe tissue inflammation and irritation caused by allergens or microbes, thin mucus and help fight microbes. This is a very good allergy formula to help with the symptoms triggered at this time of year. I recommend 2-3 capsules several times daily as needed.

In summary, if you suffer just from a little tickle in your throat, and some drainage, then burdock is a good choice. But if you are also bothered by seasonal allergies, then Sinus Support is the better choice. If your nose is runny or your clearing your throat a lot and not sure if you are catching a cold, or it’s just weather changes or allergies, then the Sinus support formula is a good choice as it supports all 3 areas.

If you are looking for a liquid formula, Nature's Sunhine's CC-A with Yerba Santa is a good alternative for sinus symptoms related to weather changes or allergens at this time of year. The formula does not contain burdock, but it does help with drippy sinus. CC-A was originally formulated to help fight a common cold. It is very good for conditions with runny eyes and nose, but also contains herbs which break up congestion and fight infection. The formula helps with muscle aches, headache, chills and fever when taken at the first signs of a cold; it can often minimize the virus to just a few days.

Traditional Medicinal’s Tea Everyday Detox - Lemon contains burdock and stinging nettles. Stinging nettles is great for allergies, as it acts as a natural anti-histamine. I’ll often combine a cup of tea with some CC-A and this yields very good results.

Disclaimer: The supplements recommended in this article are solely for nourishing and strengthening the natural function of the various body organs and systems so that they will have a greater capacity to heal themselves. It is not intended to replace your doctor's recommendations. Any questions or concerns that you have regarding existing medical conditions, or the use of medications with this program, should be discussed with your with a nutritionally oriented medical doctor.

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