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A Flowers message

It rained heavy for the past 3 days, every time I thought it would stop it would start up again. The sky was covered in heavy gray clouds and the air was thick with humidity. This morning the rain stopped so I went outside, I was craving sunshine and hoped I could find a glimpse of it out there. A bright blue hydrangea caught my eye as I walked around the yard. While all my other flowers looked battered from the heavy rain, the hydrangea looked untouched. Her butterfly like petals displayed fully open, radiated peace.

“What is your secret?” “How do you radiate such beauty in the midst of such stormy weather?” I asked her. And she spoke to me… “focus on gratitude, for even the darkest nights reveal their purpose when you hold gratitude in your heart.”

So, I paused for a moment, the wind blowing across my body, and I held gratitude in my heart for both my trials and my joys. For the challenges I face and those things which come so easy to me. I held gratitude for my wonderful Creator, and the beautiful plant spirits he has made. And as the gratitude grew in my heart, so did my joy. And I no longer saw the stormy weather, I saw instead beauty and peace. Blessings, Valerie

“Only what we experience within ourselves unlocks the beauties of the outer world.” – Rudolph Steiner

Gratitude is like a flower which never ceases to bloom,

ever unfolding its beauty before us.

Great is thy faithfulness,

Great is thy love,

You have nurtured and guided me,

Never once leaving my side.

You have helped me see my weaknesses,

You have brought forth my strengths,

You gave me vision and hope,

And placed peace within my heart.

Great is thy faithfulness,

Great is thy love,

You have allowed me to blossom,

That my light might shine forth,

That my light might reflect your glory and love.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright RestoringLight 2018, all rights reserved

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