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The Power of Choice

Our life consists of the choices we make, as we travel along on our life’s journey.

This barbed wire fence seemingly stretching forever, but leading nowhere,

reminds me of the power of the choices we make in our life.

Each tangled barb, repeating itself,

reminds me of how we often repeat the same thoughts and choices in our life.

The fog filled landscape represents the lack of clarity and vision in our life,

when we are not conscious of our thoughts and become stuck in repeated patterns.

Choice is a powerful thing, it releases the flow of life force energy in one direction or another.

Being conscious of our choices is a magical key to transforming our lives.

Lack of conscious choice contracts us, like the tight barbs along the wire.

But becoming conscious of our thoughts and emotions expands us and gives us power.

When we decide not to respond in the same way as we always have, with a conditioned response,

It is like taking a pair of wire cutters to the fence,

it breaks the pattern and frees your soul.

And it creates an opening, an opportunity, to change direction in your life.

May you choose to break free of the patterns in your life which hold you back,

And become a conscious creator of your life, directed by your soul.

Blessings, Valerie

copyrightRestoringLight2018, all rights reserved.

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