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Connecting to the Fire Within

Deep within you burns a fire, waiting to be released,

It is the passion of your heart, the song of your soul,

the very reason you came to this wonderful planet.

Like the sunset which lights the sky at the end of the day,

spreading its colors across the sky,

your passion calls to you, urging you to follow its voice.

Listen for the whispers of your soul,

watch with anticipation for the colors and magic to unfold.

Allow yourself to release your fears,

and let go of those things which no longer serve you.

May you express your inner light to the world.

The world needs you - we need each other.

To stand together, to empower each other,

to share our gifts and talents with each other.

May you authentically express, yourself to the world,

May you live to your full potential,

May you honor the song of your soul.

Blessings, Valerie

copyright RestoringLight2018, all rights reserved

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