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Crossroads in our lives

Life is full of choices, and there are many paths we can choose to follow during our lifetime. When I created this picture from a photograph, I noticed the contrast of the river and the train tracks, and the bridge in the distance. The man standing in front of them - a perfect symbolism for the reflective times in our life.

They spoke to me about how we are always facing crossroads in our life.

May you take time to reflect on the path you choose to follow.

For there is a path which leads you to your innermost heart’s desire,

and one which takes you far away.

There is one that leads you like a river, gently guiding you along your soul’s path.

And another, which like a train track moves you quickly to another place, far from where you started.

But in the end my friend, you will find what you are looking for, For you cannot lose that which you already have,

that which already resides within you.

May you take a moment and ponder the path you wish to follow.

And in the distance, is a bridge which offers a different route to your destination. For with the bridge, you can find and almost instantaneous transition to a new place. This is the path of transformation. Bridges often appear treacherous or scary, so you must trust them. And once you establish the trust, you can move effortlessly across them.

Consider the journey and what you wish to experience. There is not one “right” choice, for in any path we follow, we learn from it.

Are you being guided by the heart, or by your mind? What is your soul is seeking to experience?

Enjoy the journey, and may you be blessed by all you learn. Valerie

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