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Reflections of my Day

As I begin my day, I become conscious of the thoughts which run through my head. What is my mood? Where am I focusing my thoughts and energy? What vibration am I holding? Am I angry, am I feeling sorry for myself, or am I joyful and standing in my own power? I choose to become conscious of the colors I place on the canvas from which I create this day. For if I am unconscious of the colors I choose, of the brush strokes I make, and the images I am forming, I will allow circumstances or other people to dictate what manifests in my day. I would become, an un-conscious creator. But this is not my destiny. I choose to connect with my spirit and my heart. I choose to connect with God, my angels, my guides and the Holy Spirit. I choose to connect with my life purpose, my dreams and the visions which flow from my heart. I choose to become a conscious creator of my life.

Blessings, Valerie

I took these photographs a few nights ago, It was almost dark, so my camera had trouble focusing. It surprised me at how much they looked like watercolor paintings. That got me thinking, about how we create our day by our thoughts and actions; and how often we are totally unconscious of what we have created at the end of the day, and surprised at the results. And so, I was reminded by this to be conscious of what I choose to create each day.

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