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Awaken to your Truth

A snow flower spoke to me today,

Her radiant beauty defied the cold and ice which surrounded her.

She encouraged me to go inward to find my truth,

“For within you lies the gateway to all you seek” she spoke,

“Let go of your limiting beliefs which have engulfed you like a cocoon.

The truth, which lies within your heart, cannot be destroyed,

For it is a part of your true essence, and a part of your Creator as well.”

The Snow Flower spoke to me today,

She gave me hope and understanding,

As I focused within, I felt a warmth and peace begin to grow,

I felt old beliefs which had held me back, begin to melt and fade away.

As my true essence was revealed to me,

I awakened to the truth,

That the power to set me free, resided within my heart.

Blessings, Valerie

I came across this flower on the day it started to snow. It was very cold out and the wind was beginning to blow. This flower showed such determination and strength, he seemed to say, “I will survive”. I felt this was a beautiful symbol of choosing to stand in our power, despite the challenges in our life. ~ Valerie

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