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Shifting our Focus

When I took this photograph, I was noticing the contrast between the barbed wire and the sunburst. The barbed wire represented to me our personal pain and struggles in life. The sun rising spoke to me of the power of shifting our focus, of allowing light, truth and hope to push us past our limitations, and release us from our struggles.

The tall grass in the picture either illuminated by the light, or entangled in the barbed wire, represented to me the seeds of our thoughts. Which ones will mature and sprout new life?

Truly, your energy follows your attention. For every thought you think and every emotion you hold in your body, contains a vibration; a frequency which attracts that which is resonating at the same vibration. May you make a conscious choice to shift your focus onto the Light and watch the power which your struggles hold over you dissolve.

“You’ve progressed to a point where the things you held onto

as false security blankets no longer serve you; and you are ready to let go of

limited relationships, ideas and beliefs so you can be introduced

to new more empowering ones.

– Sonia Choquette, The Power of your Spirit, a guide to joyful living

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