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Finding Courage

A beautiful waterfall, a symbol of spiritual power and strength, it speaks to me about releasing our fears, moving through the obstacles in our life and the power to change our direction. As water in the waterfall it is renewed each moment, so is our vision and strength as we allow Spirit to wash over us. We all have challenges, fears and worry to overcome in our life. And we all have the power to do this, by connecting to our higher selves, God and Spirit.

Nature’s Sunshine has created several wonderful flower essence formulas which help you to move through difficult times of fear or worry. Flower essences are homeopathic remedies which focus on lifting our emotions. They do this by capturing a plant’s frequency and personality traits in a vibrational formula. As we take in this formula, it affects how our thoughts and cells vibrate. Just like when someone is singing a happy song and you unconsciously start humming or singing the song as well – you begin to resonate with the frequency of the song.

Be Courageous Remedy – helps us to overcome the obstacles which are holding us back in our life. The flowers used in this formula help instill confidence to move forward to release our fears and doubts. (#8786)

Distress Remedy – I like to combine this formula with the Be Courageous formula. For when we do take our first few steps in a new direction, we often get so overwhelmed with emotions that it “scares us frozen.” It is at that point, that I’ll take the Distress Remedy as it acts to dislodge me from that negative thought pattern and “re-connect” me with my vision, and a calming sense of peace and stability. (#8778)

An important key in reprogramming your mind from fear to fearless is to practice focusing on positive thoughts and emotions throughout the day. These thoughts do not have to relate to the challenge you are working to overcome. Any positive emotion you feel turns on chemicals in your brain (like dopamine and acetylcholine) which causes you to FEEL HAPPY and helps your brain to expand with new possibilities and new vision. WOW!

Every time you shift your focus to enjoy a kitten tumbling with a toy, the laughter of a child, the pleasure of a beautiful sunset, or listen to great music, you turn on health building genes and neurotransmitters which strengthen and empower you.

May you take time today to center yourself in your heart, to connect with your higher self and your Creator. May you allow Spirit to wash over you like a beautiful waterfalls, to cleanse your thoughts and give you a new vision.

Other Nature’s Sunshine Flower Essence Formulas:

Keep Cool (#8784-2) – for a person who easily loses their temper, is easily irritated or impatient. This formula helps you to feel more tolerant and accepting of others behaviors or ideas, promotes a more receptive attitude, promotes forgiveness and cooperation.

Find Strength (#8781-4) – promotes healthy personal boundaries, helps a person who is feeling abused stand up for themselves, gives people the ability to say “no” to unreasonable expectations or demands.

Open Heart (#8782-6) -helps a person to move past emotional wounds and open their heart to learn to love and give love again.

Release it (#8779-1) – this formula helps a person to move through the emotion of grief or loss. Release it gives us strength to let go of the past and find their inner strength to carry on or move forward.

Be Response-Able (#8783-8) –helps a person to get in touch with their sense of self awareness and responsibility. This formula can help you overcome addictive, compulsive or self-defeating behavior and begin to make better choices.

Save when you buy the complete Flower Essence pack (#18787-2)

Flower essences are gentle and safe remedies which can be used by children of all ages (including infants), adults of all ages and pets.

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